About Us

Northwest Log Scalers is a third party scaling organization providing full-service log scaling and related reporting capabilities, custom-tailored to timber industry clients' requirements. The company scale scribner, cubic, USFS, East Side, West Side, sample, sample weight and provide quality control.

The purpose of a third party scaling organization is to determine, report and maintain accurate and impartial log volume. The TPSO is a separate entity, not related to the buyer or seller of timber and maintains high standards of independence and integrity. Internal checks assure quality control.

While staying on the cutting-edge in technology and industry change, NW Log Scalers has maintained a small-business personality in order to provide personal service. The company provides a wide range of data processing options appealing to both scaler owners and non-owners. This flexibility has allowing the company's scope to encompass the entire west coast of the US.

Our History

Northwest Log Scalers was formed in 1977 by industry experts dedicated to establishing a standard by which other scaling companies are measured. The corporate headquarters are in Vancouver, Washington. The recognition and approval of the United States Forest Service, necessary for Northwest Log Scalers to go into production scaling, was secured in September, 1978 by the joint signatures of Region 6 U.S.F.S. and Northwest Log Scalers. Since that time, the company has received approval for Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10.

Timberline Independent Log Scaling Company was established in January, 1984. In January, 2004 Timberline merged with Northwest Log Scalers and was renamed Timberline Northwest Log Scaling Company with no data processing changes.

In January, 2006 Timberline NW became a division of Northwest Log Scalers, Inc. with data processing taking place in Brownsville, CA or Vancouver, WA depending on customers' needs.

Today, the joined forces of Timberline NW and Northwest Log Scaling offer full-service scaling and reporting by expert experienced staff with over 25 years combined experience in the forest products industry, data processing and reports formatting.